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Aging & Caregiving in the News

A different kind of "video game," a look at family caregiver stress during the pandemic, and something new to do while you wash your hands.

4 More Reasons to Watch Less TV

Experts tell us that sitting around too long is bad for our health—and settling in on the couch with the remote in hand tempts us to do just that!

May 13 – 19, 2018 Is National Women's Health Week

In this year when women in America are speaking out and being heard more than ever, there's a new recognition that gender equality is a healthcare issue.

Should I Be Worried About My Memory?

Most of us worry, at least a little bit, when we notice those so-called senior moments — lapses of memory that may signal a serious problem, but more often are harmless and even treatable.

Puzzle: Resolve to Protect Your Memory in 2018

Give your brain a workout and find 20 memory-promoting words in this wordfind.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Imaginary memory problems could lead to the real thing; good news about coffee; and a warning about "holiday heart attacks."

Seniors on seminar raising hands

Learn Something New Every Day

An interesting study says our brains could benefit from learning more like we did when we were children.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

The CDC recommends mall walking; your smoke alarm has a "pull date"; does the language we use about Alzheimer's disease affect those who are living with it?

Aging and Caregiving in the News

Texting affects the "sixth sense" that protects us while driving; family may notice a loved one's memory loss first; do you have "gamer's thumb"?

Protect Your Brain by Controlling High Blood Pressure

Here's even more incentive to monitor your hypertension.

Music Is a Powerful Tool for Healthy Aging

Offering physical, emotional, neurological and social benefits, music might be considered a wonder drug.