Topic: Senior Life

Healthy Aging Resolutions for 2021

This year as we wait for the COVID-19 vaccine, there are plenty of other good ways to protect our health.

If It’s "Zoom for the Holidays" This Year

Keeping older loved ones included if your family celebration will be online.

Fighting Online Misinformation: Seniors Can Make a Difference!

Studies show older adults are more likely to share "fake news"—but with the right information, they could be a real asset in stopping the spread.

Infographic: Exercise Your Brain While Staying Safe at Home

Quarantining can leave us low on mental stimulation—and that's bad for our cognitive health. Here are some interesting ideas.

Volunteer Opportunities While Social Distancing

Ways to make a difference during the pandemic

Wordfind: Words of Wisdom

Puzzle pays tribute to the insights offered by older adults

Do Your Part to Stem Covid-19: An Intergenerational Call to Action

Here's an affirming message from the National Council on Aging (NCOA)

Aging & Caregiving in the News

COVID-19 and diabetes, telecommuting and your eyes, and the relationship between hearing loss and falls.

Holiday Gift Suggestions for Senior Living Community Residents

Space is limited, and your loved one is living with health challenges. You want to give them a holiday gift that they'll treasure. Here are some great ideas.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Creating a family health history; relieving anxiety with video games; good feelings from giving to others.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

In this issue: back pain can shorten life; fighting ageist "microagressions"; apathy in people with memory loss.

Infographic: Retirement Planning Tips

This month's infographic is a reminder of things to consider long before we plan to collect the gold watch.

Grandparents Who Care: When Grands Provide Child Care

"Grandma and Grandpa day care" is a pretty common model in the U.S.! How are these seniors doing?

Wordfind: 20 Ingredients for Healthy Aging

September is Healthy Aging Month! Take a coffee break and try your hand at this month's puzzle.

Overcoming an Epidemic of Senior Loneliness

Today, say experts, more older adults are experiencing a sense of isolation—and this is very bad for their health. Here are some tips for staying connected even if we have health challenges.

Staying Active When You Have Arthritis

Appropriate exercise is one of the best treatments for this painful condition, but patients often hesitate to work out, being unsure if it's safe. Our staff can help!

Infographic: "How Are Mom and Dad Doing?"

Check out this handy checklist before your summer trips to visit senior relatives.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Senior moments explained; caregiver siblings aren't sharing the workload; will our Facebook pages live on after us?

Wordfind: Grow Better Health With Gardening

Give your brain a workout with this puzzle, which contains 20 words all about the way growing fruits, veggies and flowers provides a health boost!

Infographic: Seniors in the Census

Check out the latest infographic to find out what the census says about our 65+ population!

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Updates about farmers market food safely, the notorious "grandparent scam," and a new Harvard study that warns companies to support employees who are also caregivers.

Wordfind: Cultural Activities for Seniors

Cultural engagement provides a powerful anti-depressant and all-around health boost for older adults. Find some ideas in this puzzle!

Volunteer for Better Health

Check out this infographic that shows how we help ourselves when we help others!


Social Media Safety for Seniors

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Nextdoor can keep older adults connected with others. But there are some pitfalls to avoid.

Five Great Reasons to Try Tai Chi

Check out this infographic for a quick overview of this mind-body practice!

Puzzle: September Is Healthy Aging Month

Give your brain a workout by finding 20 things hidden in this wordfind!

Scams Are a Family Caregiver Issue

A growing number of seniors are defrauded by con artists who can rob them—literally—of their quality of life.

A Five-Point Checklist for Navigating Your Neighborhood

The National Council on Aging offers tips to help seniors avoid fall injuries while making their way around the community.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Bored with your exercise routine? Lace up your ballet shoes and head to the barre!

Does Hollywood Have an Ageism Problem?

Did you watch the Academy Awards? Studies say that the goal of Hollywood diversity is admirable—but the older demographic is overlooked.

Draining the Swamp of Ageism

With our growing senior population, it's more pressing than ever to improve the ways we talk about growing older and the challenges of aging.

Seniors on seminar raising hands

Learn Something New Every Day

An interesting study says our brains could benefit from learning more like we did when we were children.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Protecting seniors from a common scam; the growing caregiver burden; study shows generosity grows with age.

Puzzle: Curiosity Is Great for Your Brain!

Find 20 lifelong learning opportunities in this wordfind.

When It’s Time for Mom and Dad to Downsize

Here are some things to consider as you help them decide what to keep, what to give to family and friends, what to sell, and what to discard.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Your pet doesn't want you to smoke; overmedication linked to frailty; seniors get the most out of volunteering.

Puzzle: Speak Out Against Ageism

Did you know that having a negative attitude about older adults can shorten your life? Give your brain a workout with this month's wordfind, and learn more.

Puzzle: Healthy 2017 to You!

Did you make your resolutions yet? Take a coffee break and solve this month's puzzle! By then you should have some great ideas for your list.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Read about a hidden danger of pill organizers; the vital need for adaptive clothing; and a study that turns the "grouchy old man" stereotype on its ear.

Techno-Caregiving: When You're Mom's Help Desk

Does this sound familiar? You went to visit your elderly parents, only to spend hours helping them with computer problems. Here are tips for those finding themselves in this increasingly common caregiver role.

Should Seniors Get a Pet?

Pet ownership saves $11.7 billion per year in healthcare costs, say experts. Is an animal companion a good choice for you or older loved ones?

Puzzle: Generations Together

September 11 is National Grandparents Day. Give your brain a workout with this month's puzzle, a reminder of the many ways people of every age can have meaningful contact.

Old ladies keeping entertained by nurse in care home

Activities at Skilled Nursing Facilities – It's Not Just About Bingo

Staying socially engaged as we age is an essential component to our overall health and well-being. Several studies have shown that people who are more social get sick less and have healthier minds.

"A World of Wisdom" Wordfind

We're about to experience a senior boom! Give your brain a workout with this month's puzzle, a reminder that seniors worldwide deserve our support.

Can I Stay Home As I Grow Older?

What services can help seniors remain independent and safe in their own house or apartment?

Aging and Caregiving in the News

Super Bowl loss can be hard on the heart; ageism linked to dementia; how well do seniors find healthcare information online?