Topic: Eating Right

It’s All About the Tomatoes!

Try these two delicious, vitamin-rich recipes featuring a summer garden favorite!

Father’s Day Grilling With a South American Flavor

Will Dad be firing up the grill this year? Check out these healthy, Latin-style recipes.

Soup and Salad Night

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Aging & Caregiving in the News

Control your anger, enjoy a good laugh, and upgrade your eating habits!

"Eat Your Greens" Wordfind

Give your brain a workout with this month's puzzle. It's all about the green!

Warm and Healthy Winter Favorites

Welcome the New Year and celebrate Valentine's Day by creating traditional dishes given a healthy makeover.

Pumpkin the Healthy Way

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Nostalgic Fall Recipes

Here are some old classic dishes your grandma most likely made, given a healthy makeover.

Healthy Up Your Recipes!

Some of our favorite dishes—especially the “comfort food” we seem to be craving right now—can be awfully high in fat, sugar and salt. The National Institutes of Health has given some of these delicious classics a makeover. Enjoy!

Good Nutrition Helps Seniors Manage Chronic Health Conditions

March is National Nutrition Month. Eating well is so important for people who are living with diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis or other common health challenges.

Simple Tips for a Healthy and Safe Cookout

The National Council on Aging offers some great advice to keep summer barbecues safe for guests of every age.

Puzzle: March Is National Nutrition Month

Give your brain a workout by finding 20 words to inspire us to choose a diet that promotes health aging!

Aging & Caregiving in the News

Imaginary memory problems could lead to the real thing; good news about coffee; and a warning about "holiday heart attacks."

Men playing chess

Avoid the Dirty Dozen Enemies of Brain Health

Experts say lifestyle choices play a big part in cognitive wellness as we grow older. Check out this rogue's gallery of things to avoid.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

A delicious heart health boost; another reason to put away your smartphone; doctors advised to avoid "medspeak."